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Nostril Piercings…the forever trend!

Let’s talk about a favorite, NOSTRIL PIERCINGS! Trends in the piercing world seem like they [...]

Brand Showcase: Buddha Jewelry Organics

One of our favorite additions to the jewelry case lately has been a fabulous brand [...]

Creature Feature

We want to talk today about one of our most popular trends in body jewelry- [...]

Team Threadless!

We’d like to talk about threadless jewelry. You may notice browsing our web store lots [...]


Earlobe piercings- YES! They are still cool…

We often hear clients when they come in to get their earlobes pierced say things [...]

Brand Showcase: Maya Jewelry

One of our most popular designers is a fabulous company based out of San Francisco. [...]

Rockin the Rose Cut

One of our favorite things about gemstones is something as simple as the cut can [...]

Brand Showcase: Diablo Organics

We want to share with you a little about one of our favorite designers, Diablo [...]

No Piercing? No Problem!

The beautiful part about the jewelry world is there are so many options. You don’t [...]

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