In 2014 Luis “Cuba” Perez and Molly Bennett founded Identity Body Piercing with one goal in mind: to help their clientele define their personal identity through the perfect piercing or piece of jewelry. Specializing in body piercing, custom and high-end jewelry, they implement their years of experience to cater to the needs and desires of every individual.

Their hard work and dedication have paid off, as they’re Illinois’ 1st body piercing only studio. This goes to show how Perez and Bennett sought out a vision and put that vision into reality. With their vision set in motion, it was this ambition to help define clients’ personal identity that drove Identity Body Piercing to the top. This goal has come to fruition, as they have been voted best place to get pierced in Chicago 2 years in a row.

When you don’t inherit an identity, you have to define it on your own.Marc Webb

Whether this your first piercing or your 20th, Perez and Bennett pride themselves in developing close, lasting relationships with their clients. Their refined, unique approach to both piercing culture and style have allowed them to develop a large, loyal following in both Chicago and the surrounding suburbs. By providing their customers with a relaxed, professional environment and endless jewelry options, Perez and Bennett ensure that their Identity, like your own, is constantly evolving.

With a constantly evolving Identity comes with a constantly evolving business. This includes our newest addition to our team, Nathaniel Tinker. Typically working Monday through Friday, Nathaniel’s addition continues to drive our Identity forward. He has more than 3 years of piercing experience while traveling across the US to work in various respected piercing shops. Along with that, Nathaniel attends the APP conference annually, honing his skills and learning from the best in the world. He’s been with us since January 2016 and we’re more than thrilled to have him in our company! For those rose gold and philtrum piercing lovers, you’ll find a companion in Nathaniel as well.

Our newest piercer is Madison Trubiano, who comes to us from Massachusetts. She has been piercing for over 2 years, and she especially loves to perform lip piercings. Her favorite piercing materials include yellow gold and gemstones amethyst and moonstone. She also attends the APP conference annually to continuously refine her piercing techniques and stay in tune with trends.

Looking to get a new piercing? We offer facial piercings, body piercings, surface piercings, earlobe stretching, piercing removal and jewelry changes. Call and book your appointment today!

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