Brand Showcase: Diablo Organics

We want to share with you a little about one of our favorite designers, Diablo Organics. This incredible jewelry company specializes in stretched ear jewelry with fossils and all different cuts and types of genuine stones! This company is run by Jimmy Buddha, an incredible designer that travels the world in search of unique gifts from mother nature to incorporate into their jewelry designs. While you may feel their lines tend to have a higher price tag, here’s why its worth every penny!

Diablo organics works in two different materials- brass and silver. They even recently started offering oxidized silver as well as a “distressed” finish. Even though they don’t work in other materials, you will never feel limited with their incredible designs! One of the greatest claims to fame is the comfort of their jewelry. They have won several innovative awards at the Association of Professional Piercers conferences over the years! Their ear coils and ear saddles not only offer a sleek, polished look- they also are so comfortable you’ll forget you’re wearing them. Their saddles are also fantastic if you like heavier designs- the weight balances across your ear far easier.

Another branch of Diablo Organics jewelry that many people recognize them for is their Megalodon Tooth jewelry. They use the fossilized teeth of prehistoric gigantic sharks for jewelry- bad ass, right? They typically use them for ear weights, but every once in awhile we get them set as a pendant as well! These teeth come in a variety of shapes, colors, and sizes and always make quite the fashion statement.

The incredible part about Diablo Organics is their originality! You very rarely see 2 pairs alike from their ear weights. Each and every pair has its own unique flare. They have an incredible eye to make every little special piece of stone, fossil, or carving pop. Looking at the care and detail that goes into every pair they make, you see why they are worth every penny.

Diablo Organics also has a whole line of staple, every day weights. Budget friendly, sleek, and comfortable. Coming in selections of brass, white brass, and silver these classics can be dressed up or down. Available in more ornamental hoop styles, like their puju circles, or more of a knuckle style like their spade weights. They even have a selection of all brass styles like their popular Anatomical Heart weights that offer a more ornate look. Their Cranio weights come in a variety of of single skull options or even clusters of skulls! These make a great gift to someone special or yourself without breaking the bank.

If you have questions about some of these incredible designs or would like to look into adding to your collection, feel free to shop our webstore or stop in to talk to one of our sales associates! We would be happy to help you choose out something one of a kind and special to add to your jewelry box!

Thanks for reading! xoxox Molly

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