Brand Showcase: Maya Jewelry

One of our most popular designers is a fabulous company based out of San Francisco. Maya Jewelry is run by Corey Lolley, an incredibly gifted designer! They specialize in ornate hoops for stretched ears and regular ear piercings, unique ear weights, intricate solid gold body jewelry, and fabulous accessories. These are the types of jewelry pieces you’d spot from a mile away!

Maya Jewelry offers a ton of beautiful designs for standard ear piercings! These are one of our best sellers for gift giving. The have a variety styles of small and petite as well as bold and statement. Their earrings come a variety of materials including brass, copper, white brass, 22k gold plated metal, 18k gold plated metal, and sterling silver. If you have sensitive skin its better to purchase the plated or silver designs! However, all these materials look fabulous. They even have a variety of metal earrings with horn or bone accents to create a whimsical look! These are light weight and very high fashion.

Maya Jewelry is also known for they’re sculptural ear weights! They have a handful of classic designs that are like mini pieces of art. These are for larger stretched ears, but even are clients without stretched ears admire them for their detail and design! Probably our best seller is their Baphomet design.

Baphomet Weights in Brass

Maya Jewelry also offers a 14k gold line. This line includes threadless ends as well as clickers and seam rings! While they don’t have an extensive catalogue of their gold jewelry, the limited pieces are stunning. These pieces are available in 14k yellow, rose, or white gold with black or white crystal options!

Maya Jewelry also offers a collection of incredible accessories. They have a variety of rings, necklaces, cuffs, and more. These accessories are quite the statement! Their designs tend to be bold and daring!

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