Conch Piercings

One of our piercers favorite piercings lately is the conch piercing! Its been very popular for adding another dimension to your curated ear. Located the center of your ear, this piercing goes in the “cup” shaped section mid ear!

Ouroboros Diamond and Opal Conch piercing by Madison Trubiano

Since this is a very spacious part of your ear, its a great area to multiple piercings in a pattern or one large cluster style piece. Unlike other parts of your ear, you have a lot more flexibility with the amount of space!

Single cluster conch piercing by Nathaniel Tinker
Triple conch piercing by Madison Trubiano

Conch piercings also look fabulous with hoops once they’re healed! It adds more of a cuff look to your ear since it wrap around the entire outside of the ear.

Healed conch by Nathaniel Tinker
Healed conch by Nathaniel Tinker

Typically conch piercings take about 6-8 months to heal entirely much like any other cartilage piercing. It’s a great addition to your ear piercing collection! Book your appointment or pop in to talk to one of our piercers about adding one!

Thanks for reading! xox Molly

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