Earlobe piercings- YES! They are still cool…

We often hear clients when they come in to get their earlobes pierced say things like “oh just a boring one for you today” or “just another earlobe.” This is not the case! Earlobe piercings are so much more exciting than you think! This part of your ear gives you so many options to design your look. It’s by far our #1 piercing that never goes out of trend!

Earlobe piercings are fabulous to do in multiples. Doing several in a row gives you so many new jewelry options! Picking out a theme to put together a collection like “white gold” or “opal” is a great place to start with designing your ear! A lot of our clients like to stick to one metal color, but there’s nothing wrong with mixing and matching as well. By planning placement and jewelry style, you can achieve quite the combinations of looks.

Another fun way to design your earlobes is by “stacking” the piercings! Placing earlobe piercings above or below your original one is a great way to add a new look. If you stagger these high and low earlobe piercings you can achieve that “constellation” vibe as well. Using a higher earlobe piercing placement is a great way to avoid sewing up torn earlobes as well! If you have a stretched out or damaged earlobe piercing, a lot of clients like to just “relocate” a new one.

The cool part about earlobe piercings is how versatile they are. Hoops or studs look fabulous! They are endless options of jewelry styles to wear in these piercings! Go big and bold or small and delicate…Your lobes will rock it.

It’s great to mix and match studs and hoops as well. Even retired stretched piercings can be utilized by stacking a couple of rings through them! Pictured in the above left photo, you can see an old stretched 2nd earlobe piercing with multiple rings in it to achieve a cuff look. Simple infinity rings will never go out of style. Find them in tons of different colors and sizes in our web store! With that being said, don’t be afraid of studs either. It can be a fabulous look to choose a statement piece to highlight like the garnet and white gold style in the photo at the right above.

Did you know we offer children’s ear piercings too? It’s such a special achievement, our piercers have extensive experience with kids. We offer this service for ages 6 and up. We walk them through the jewelry options, the aftercare, the procedure, and even send you home with a little first piercing certificate! Call anytime to set up an appointment!

Want to set up an ear curating appointment? Give us a call or book through our appointment tab! Feel free to shop our huge earring selection from all over the world as well.

Thanks for reading! xoxox Molly

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