No Piercing? No Problem!

The beautiful part about the jewelry world is there are so many options. You don’t have to have ear piercings to rock fantastic style! We carry a variety of ear cuffs that can take your style to the next level.

Warrior Ear Cuffs made by Tawapa

One of the bonuses to ear cuffs is deciding whether or not you would like a piercing. A lot of our clients enjoy starting with an ear cuff to “test out” placement or even just if they like the addition to their ear. It’s a great way to visualize your future piercing! Other clients of ours have used cuffs to place over scars on their ears or parts of their ear they feel would be too difficult to heal an actual piercing. Does your child want an ear piercing that you just aren’t comfortable with them getting? Problem solved! Pick out an ear cuff together as a happy medium until you both are ready for an actual piercing.

The cool thing about ear cuffs is they translate to other forms of jewelry as well! We carry several types of eyelets that feature a cuff enhancement. It adds a whole new dimension to your look! Whether its more ornamental, like a stacked ring look, or just a solid cuff it takes your jewelry to a whole new level.

We find that the “cuff” look ties high fashion into every day life. It’s a comfortable style that you can use with your easy going look, but it also plays with a higher sense of fashion by pushing boundaries with a spicy addition to our wardrobe. Its a fabulous way to enhance your typical up-do or short hair cut. It doesn’t seem like much, but a bold larger piece can change your entire look!

The Warrior Ear Cuffs in Brass
on @the1res with photo credit to @thepaulstorey and hair credit to @queensarah512

Another cool factor to ear cuffs is you’re not limited to where you can put them. Depending on their size and your anatomy, you can place them anywhere you like. Your nose, your conch, your cartilage…you name it! Since they slide on easily, they are very user friendly no matter where you place them.

One of our favorite companies for ear cuffs, Tawapa, carries a variety of looks and styles. From large and ornate, to delicate and subtle! You can always find a look that suits you. Typically we carry these pieces in silver, yellow, rose, or rhodium plated.

Whether you have a collection of piercings or none at all, ear cuffs are a fabulous addition to your collection. Stop by to check out these cuffs in person, or shop our website! We are happy to help you style your ears as well as ship these beautiful pieces right to your door.

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