Rockin the Rose Cut

One of our favorite things about gemstones is something as simple as the cut can make it look entirely different! A special type we would like to talk to you about is called the rose cut. This type features a flat bottom with a dome-shaped crown with lots of facets. This almost resembles the shape of a rose bud, hence the name. This dynamite almost disco ball cut dates back to the 1500s and was very popular during the Georgian and Victorian eras. It is our piercer’s current favorite to enhance the look of special stones!

Pictured above is the New Sovereign Ring by Moll Doll Designs with a brilliant cut of garnet! You can see how all the extra facets across the domed face of the stone adds so many more shadows and highlights to the gem, it almost looks more sparkly. Rose cut stones come in all different shapes as well! You aren’t limited to a specific shape or size. Below you can see another rose cut garnet, this time in a classic round shape!

Helix Piercing by Nathaniel Tinker

Another bonus to rose cut stones is they can be set very low! Since the have a flat cut back, these stones can be set very shallow which is ideal for facial piercings. A classic faceted stone has more of a martini shape, so they have to have a deeper setting and stand up higher off piercings. Most of our clients find a lower set stone is more comfortable and less likely to snag, especially if its a fresh piercing you are getting used to.

We carry a variety of different stones and brands for this rose cut style. Probably our best seller is our salt and pepper diamonds set in 14k gold. They are a hit for ear and lip piercings! Labradorite, moonstone, and yellow diamond are also fabulous choices. Stones that are more multi colored look extra special with this cut since it enhances all those different undertones.

One of the newest additions to our webstore is actually quite budget friendly too! Neometal just released rose cut genuine white topaz cabochons set in titanium. A classic diamond look but with a little bit of extra flare! If you’d like to try out this look but not break the bank, their threadless ends are a fabulous place to start. These special cabochons are available as small as 2mm just in case you want a more subtle look. Looking for bold? Not to worry! They come quite large as well!

Thanks for reading! XOXOX Molly

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