Let your body do its job! Commitment to gentle care for your fresh piercing will assist your body with doing what it does best- heal! Bad habits like playing with your jewelry or over fussing with a fresh piercing will make it difficult for the healing process. 

  1. Always wash your hands before cleaning!
  2. Use a gentle wound wash saline spray 1-2x per day to rinse/irrigate the piercing site. (NOT contact lens saline)
  3. Gently wipe any access crusty discharge away with non woven gauze or paper towel soaked in saline.
  4. Dry the off area with paper towel or non woven gauze. (Excess moisture may lead to complications)
  5. A daily shower to rinse off the piercing will help loosen any hardened discharge and crusty matter from the area. Following the shower a saline rinse and gentle dry off is ideal. 
  6. Healthy bodies = Healthy piercings! Drink lots of water and get plenty of rest!
  7. Problems or Questions? Stop in for a consult with one of our piercers. We are always happy to help troubleshoot any healing issues.


Swelling from oral piercings can be reduced with drinking ice water and elevating your head while sleeping. Additionally, avoiding other bodily fluids from getting into the fresh piercing is ideal for the healing process.


  1. Avoid sleeping on your fresh piercing. (If you are a side sleeper we suggest using a travel pillow + sleeping with your ear protected in the neck hole)
  2. Avoid makeup, harsh facial cleansers & hair dye directly in/on the piercing.
  3. Avoid swimming for the first 4 months to prevent infection or other healing complications.
  4. Avoid harsh cleaning products such as alcohol, peroxide, bactine, Neosporin, tea tree oil, etc.


  1. Days 1-7: some minor bleeding, tenderness, bruising or swelling.
  2. Week 2-4: swelling may intensify, you will begin to see white yellow discharge 
  3. Week 4-6: swelling will behind to subside & we suggest stopping in for a check-up around this time to see if any adjustments need to be made to your jewelry.


  1. Check your jewelry regularly to ensure everything is tightened/secure.
  2. Don’t remove your jewelry without professional assistance until your piercing fully heals.
  3. Change bedding and pillow cases often


We start piercings with jewelry a little longer or larger to accommodate the initial swelling and to help with the cleaning process. Once you are farther into the healing process, a shorter or smaller jewelry piece is recommended to prevent snagging and sleeping on it. If jewelry isn’t downsized, this can lead to piercings drifting or healing on an angle. After about 4-6 weeks we recommend stopping in for a check up with one of our piercers! Jewelry fees apply.



(Understanding what we have pierced you with)
  1. Threadless: pulls apart. The gem end on the front of your jewelry is removable.
  2. Threaded: one or both sides unscrew.
  3. Clicker: Hinge and clasp unclick
  4. Captive Bead Ring: the bead in the center is removable