Brand Showcase: Buddha Jewelry Organics

One of our favorite additions to the jewelry case lately has been a fabulous brand called Buddha Jewelry Organics. They specialize in every day elegance. But let me tell you- this is no ordinary brand! Their designs are unique yet modern. These are pieces you want to leave in for life!

Flat pierced and photographed by Nathaniel Tinker with an Ethereal End

Buddha Jewelry Organics recently released their solid gold line and we are in love! They have a variety of styles all ranging in price to fit most budgets. Their pieces are still an investment, but compared to other brands showcasing 14k gold designs, they are quite competitive with their pricing. Their variety of threadless ends are perfect to complete your curated ear project!

These designs are delicate enough that they have been a hit for really any piercing! The Lavish has been another client favorite- pictured above with cz inlay, we also carry the opal version if you like more color to your jewelry! Their line showcases a variety of stone cuts- pears, baguettes, and rounds.

The Lavish in Opal captured by Nathaniel Tinker

Did we mention they have clickers too? Oh yes! And quite the clickers they have released! Each clicker design coordinates beautifully with their threadless ends in some way, making it easy to complete your look!

Playing with different stone shapes, their clicker line is a stunning twist of ornate detail and modern minimalism. It’s hard not to be drawn to their pieces…they sure don’t last long once we release them to our jewelry floor! Available in multiple colors and sizes, they have made sure there is something for everyone.

Thanks for reading!

XOX Molly

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