Creature Feature

We want to talk today about one of our most popular trends in body jewelry- critters! Our two number one sellers are bee and snake themed jewelry. But we have everything from T-Rex skeletons to unicorns! Even something as simple as a paw print can make a bold fashion statement.

We have these adorable little creatures in every form- body jewelry necklaces, rings, earrings- you name it. We find clients are drawn to them for different reasons. The look, a beloved pet, a good luck charm, or even to create a theme for their look! Below is a curated ear our piercer Madison put together featuring a bee, honeycomb, and citrine paired with yellow gold. The bee design allowed her and her client to create a whole nature themed ear!

One of our best selling critters, and our studio logo, is the bumble bee. Used in various designs from studs, hoops, and even rings the bumble bee is a delicate statement. This design is our best seller for its competitive pricing in all forms as well as its beautiful detail! Our bee stacker rings look fabulous on their own or worn in multiples. And the side facing bee hoop? These look great in any piercing- septum for something subtle or your nostril for something bold.

Another popular theme we have is snakes. The cool part about snake jewelry is the shape and texture. They’re long, spiral like bodies create an elegant look for forward helix piercings, ear lobe piercings, and more. We have tons of fabulous designs featuring just the geometry of snakeskin even!

Some of our coolest earlobe jewelry features creatures as well! Earrings, ear weights, plugs…you name it. The brand Tawapa in particular carries a whole variety of hoop designs in a snakeskin pattern. From rhino beetles to birds, no matter the critter, it’s a great look. Shop our curated selection currently to explore more of these creatures!

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