Curated by the BEAD!

Today we wanted to talk about the fabulous look of BEADING!

This addition to jewelry always takes things up a notch with the look of your piercing. Whether its simple milligrain texture, scaled beading, or beading between gemstones, it adds a whole new depth to the jewelry. These are difficult to make, but our designers are too in love with the look to skip over it in the jewelry creation process! 

Beads go way back to the beginning of piercing. Captive bead rings, and barbells have been around since the dawn of body adornment…These were the first baby steps to the love of beading! To this day, our simple captive bead rings are one of our best-sellers. The simple look of a high polish bead is almost as sparkly as a gemstone.

Pictured are some examples from one of some our clients favorite designers- Sleeping Goddess and Anatometal. These beaded designs look fabulous in nostril, septum, and cartilage piercings! One of our best sellers, the Vaughn Ring, is one of our most simple designs but has become a classic. 

The best part about this look is it isn’t aggressive- its a soft, subtle addition to a typical infinity hoop. We find its a great starting style if you want to take your look to a bolder level but aren’t quite sure of your comfort level.

If you’d like to bead up your collection, browse the ring section of our site or stop in to talk to one of our piercers about what would be a good option!

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