Nostril Piercings…the forever trend!

Let’s talk about a favorite, NOSTRIL PIERCINGS!

Nostril Piercing by Tinker

Trends in the piercing world seem like they come and go, but there’s one piercing that has seemed to stay popular among nearly every walk of life. The good ole nostril piercing! 

Nostril Piercing by Tinker

I’m personally a huge fan of doing this piercing simple because everyone looks a little cooler with a nostril piercing. And with all the different jewelry options you can put in a nostril piercing, you can really create a unique aesthetic.

Paired Nostril Piercings by Madison Trubiano

There’s really no shortage of jewelry that looks awesome in these piercings. Rings? Awesome! 

Simple gem settings? Awesome!

Big gold shapes? Awesome! 

Wanna put a chain on a set of nostrils? That’s going to look real awesome! 

Healed Nostril by Nathaniel Tinker

One of our most common requests here at Identity is for a snug tiny ring in a fresh nostril. While we absolutely love that aesthetic, it’s not necessarily an achievable goal right away. Especially when piercing with rings, you want to plenty of room to swell. This means that starting off with a snug ring is more than likely going to complicate your healing process, and no one wants that! So we always suggest starting with a stud, and once everything heals up we would totally love to pop that snug little ring in there for you! We know that might not be what you want to hear, but hey, we like you, and want you to have the healthiest piercing the world has ever seen. In this case, that means either starting with a stud and switching to a ring later, or starting with a bigger ring and switching to a smaller one later.

Double Nostril Piercing by Madison Trubiano
Double Nostril Piercing by Nathaniel Tinker

Nostril Piercings also look great in pairs! Two on the same side? Probably our personal favorite variation of this versatile piercing! 

Double Nostril by Madison Trubiano

They also look great stacked, on one top of the other! These always look great with a ring in the lower, and a stud in the top. But also look awesome with two studs. And with the world of fine body jewelry being as vast as it is today, there’s really no limitations of combinations! You can’t go wrong.

High Nostril Piercings by Nathaniel Tinker

And let’s not forget about high nostrils! These tend to be trickier to heal, and if you wear glasses may not be the most ideal piercing for you. But if you’re  looking for a facial piercing that is a little more rare, and really makes a statement, high nostrils may be for you! 

Nostril Piercing by Nathaniel Tinker

All in all, we absolutely love nostril piercings. Everyone on our staff has them. And based on how many we do per week, our clients love them too. So thank you to everyone who has come in and let us pierce their nose, and if you’ve been thinking about getting it done, we think it’d look great on you! 

Thanks for reading! -Nathaniel Tinker

Nostril Piercing by Nathaniel Tinker

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